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Driveway and Paving Cleaning

Coventry, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Midlands

Access Cleaning Midlands Ltd

At Access Cleaning Midlands we offer a professional patio, paving and driveway cleaning service to customers in Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry and the Midlands. Using the latest rotary pressure washing machines we’re able to tackle any size domestic job and leave your outdoor space looking like new.

With hot and cold rotary pressure washing our machinery allows us to remove stains, algae, moss, dirt and weeds with ease. The powerful machinery breaks down the dirt and cleans deep into cracks to leave your paving looking fresh and clean. If you’re looking to put your house up for sale then our paving and driveway cleaning can help make the outside of your home look as good as the inside.

Driveway cleaning in Leicestershire and the Midlands

Based in Leicestershire, Access Cleaning Midlands provide a first class driveway cleaning service to customers throughout the Midlands and Leicestershire. From blocked paved driveways to tarmac and resin bound surfaces, our rotary cleaning machines can be used on all types of hard surfaces and provide professional results.

For all types of paved driveways, we offer a sealing service which will help keep your driveway looking cleaner for longer and help prevent weed, moss and algae growth. Sealing your driveway will also help bring out and enhance the colours of your paving and make your driveway easier to maintain in the future.

Patio and paving cleaning services

Remember how clean your patio or paving was when you first had it done? Over time dirt, algae, lichen, weeds and stains can leave your paving looking old and tired, but with our help, we can restore your patio and paving to its former glory. Since 2000 we have been helping customers breathe fresh life into their paving and we’d love to do the same for you.

We use the latest rotary pressure washing machines and high-pressure jet washes to deep clean all types of hard surfaces and leave them looking like new. Following cleaning of blocked paving, we’ll re-sand the joints between blocks and can also offer a sealing surface to help stop future weed, algae, moss, and lichen growth.

At Access Cleaning Midlands we offer a full range of services to our customers and can undertake all types of external hard surface cleaning. From paving and patios to driveways and building facades, we can help increase the kerb appeal of your home. Our services are available to customers across the Midlands and Leicestershire including Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry. To find out more and for a free, no-obligation quote get in touch using the numbers below:


Helpline: 07976 851409